The National Climate Assessment offers some good news

Alan Journet November 28th 2023 A note from National Climate Assessment 5

There is abundant glum news facing us on the climate crisis front, including the comment from our own recently released National Climate Assessment 5: “Stopping global warming would require both reducing emissions of CO2 to net zero and rapid and deep reductions in other greenhouse gases. Net-zero CO2 emissions means that CO2 emissions decline to zero or that any residual emissions are balanced by removal from the atmosphere.” However, that same report offers a little good news regarding U.S. wind, solar and electric vehicle battery costs, along with solar and wind capacity and EV sales. As depicted in their graph (below) we can see that costs are dropping and capacity is increasing.


Levelized cost measures lifetime costs divided by energy production.

The only question:  “But are these trends occurring fast enough and can we make them global?”



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