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Progressives Warn House Climate Bill Falls Short of Needed Climate Action

Brett Wilkins, Ecowatch, March 3rd 2021 While some mainstream environmental organizations welcomed Tuesday’s introduction of the CLEAN Future Act in the House of Representatives, progressive green groups warned that the bill falls far short of what’s needed to meaningfully tackle the climate crisis—an existential threat they say calls for bolder action like the Green New Deal. The […]

Oregon’s 2021 Legislative Session

The Oregon 2021 Legislative Session runs from January 19 through June 28th.  This is the long (odd year) session which alternative with the short (6-week, even-year) session. Some 3000 bills have been slated.  SOCAN cannot monitor all of these, but we have searched bill language for those likely to be of interest.  The Government: Federal […]

Repudiate delusions

Letter to editor by Alan Journet, Medford Mail Tribune, February 24th 2021 The election is settled. After a few lunatics unsuccessfully attempted an insurrection to reverse the democratic will of the people, most of us are ready to move on. However, before doing so, we must all repudiate the claims of QAnon conspirators that reject […]

Burning the West to save it: Why one solution to our raging wildfires can’t gain traction

Dale Kasler and Nicole Blanchard, Washington New Tribune February 25th 2021 Each summer as temperatures soar and Washington’s forests and grasses dry out, the state’s wildfire experts hold their breath, hoping that a devastating megafire won’t tear through valuable timber or grazing lands, scorch beloved wilderness or destroy lives and property. Washington and the rest of […]

Climate Emergency Feedback Loops

One of the confounding problems in the climate change discussion is the positive feedback loops by which our actions cause trends that themselves accentuate the warming.  Entitled Climate Emergency Feedback Loops, this series of short videos, from Northern Light Productions, provides and excellent introduction to several of these feedback loops.  We strongly recommend them.   […]

Buying local is climate action

Lorrie Kaplan’s ‘Spotlight’ in the Ashland Daily Tidings, February 12, 2021 High quality, locally grown food is one of the great assets of the Rogue Valley. We live in a fertile valley surrounded by farmland. Fresh produce is nutritious and packs a lot of flavor. Buying local is climate action, because we cut down on […]

Ready for an EV?

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 12, 2021 Question: Am I ready to own an EV (electric vehicle)? Many experts think EVs are superior vehicles. In 2024 the fuel tax will be 40 cents/gallon. Are there city, state, federal incentives available? What is the car’s cost to sit still for 24 […]

National Transit Equity Day honors Rosa Parks

ACAP Spotlight by Lorrie Kaplan, Ashland Daily Tidings, January 29, 2021 On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks protested segregation by refusing to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her arrest triggered a 381-day bus boycott by some 40,000 Black residents, finally ending when the Supreme Court found the city’s segregation laws […]

American Petroleum Institute Chief Promises to Fight Biden and the Democrats on Drilling, Tax Policy

Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News, January 14th 2021 It’s a tough time for the nation’s oil and gas industry. Last year was among its least profitable in memory, and companies are bracing themselves for a new president focused on climate change, a Congress controlled by Democrats who increasingly shun their financial support and a world […]