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Blinded by the bribes?

Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Medford Mail Tribune, June 21, 2019 Our world teeters on the edge of crisis in so many ways today, but global warming and all the threats to life it engenders is the most urgent. We are in fact speeding our way to extinction. More

Republican senators, do your jobs

Editorial, Medford Mail Tribune, Ashland Daily Tidings June 21, 2019 Oregon’s Republican senators have decided to thumb their noses at majority Democrats by walking off the job and fleeing the state to avoid arrest. They will accomplish nothing beyond an empty gesture, and could wind up seeing bills they had managed to kill resurrected. More

Trump’s EPA Signs ‘Deadly’ Clean Power Plan Replacement

Olivia Rosane, Ecowatch June 20, 2019 While the Obama administration plan would have established national limits on greenhouse gas emissions and mandated utilities move away from coal, the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule allows states to decide whether and how much to reduce emissions, The New York Times explained. “I don’t know who is going […]

Longing for Nixon era?

Letter to Editor by Trish Vigil, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 18, 2019 When did protecting the environment for our kids and grandkids become partisan? Because this administration has copied every unlawful deed of the era, we are lately reminded often of the Nixon years. But when it comes to environmental protection we look back with […]

Forest Service Wants to Fast-Track Logging Without Environmental Review

Jordan Davidson, Ecowatch, June 14, 2019 The U.S Forest Service unveiled a new plan to skirt a major environmental law that requires extensive review for new logging, road building, and mining projects on its nearly 200 million acres of public land. The proposal set off alarm bells for environmental groups, according to Reuters. The proposed changes, released by […]