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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

A review of ‘Don’t Look Up’ by Alan Journet. –  In a cast panel discussion, Meryl Streep, who plays doomed President Orlean in Don’t Look Up, argued that “The way to reach people is…with a joke.” To me, the funniest moment was during the closing credits when a naked President Orlean, 22,740 years into the future, […]

Are baby steps enough?

The U.S. Congress is beset by one party that totally rejects climate (and maybe all) science and resists any sane action to protect the livability of the planet for future generations – including their children and grandchildren, and a ruling party that includes two Senators who are equally as culpable as the entire other party.  […]

Biological Consequences of Climate Change: A Southern Oregon Perspective

Our biological world whether individual species or natural ecosystem assemblages of species of flora and fauna) are dependent on the two dominant consequences of global warming: temperature and precipitation; they are fragile! In Biological Consequences of Climate Change Alan Journet explores how global warming and its climate change consequences are affecting our living world.

2021: A Tipping Point Year?

Brian Stewart, Electrify Now As 2021 comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect on all that has been accomplished this past year in our efforts to create a clean energy future. Along the way, we may be have been disappointed that not enough was achieved or frustrated at how long it […]

Oregon’s Climate Protection Program restores our reputation

Guest column by Alan Journet submitted across the state: Medford Mail Tribune, December 26th, Eugene Register Guard, January 1st 2022. Alan Journet Co-facilitator Southern Oregon Climate Action Now Jacksonville, Oregon alan@socan.eco December 23 2021   This year, Oregon regained its reputation for environmental leadership. Oregon became a model for national efforts to address global warming […]

Inside Clean Energy: Here Are 5 States that Took Leaps on Clean Energy Policy in 2021

While federal policy fell short of expectations, many states had high ambitions and delivered results. Dan Gearino, Inside Climate News, December 23rd 2021 It’s understandable if people are feeling dour during this unseasonably warm December when, once again, the U.S. Congress has failed to pass major climate legislation. But while the federal government might have […]

SOCAN comments to the Oregon Transportation Commission on their planning

Submitted to OTC by Alan Journet December 20th 2021 Colleagues: I write as cofacilitator of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, an organization of over 1600 rural Southern Oregonians who are concerned about global warming and its climate change consequences, and who seek meaningful state action to address the problem. Probably more directly than is the […]

Sweeping plan to wean Oregonians from fossil fuels approved by regulators

Ted Sickinger, The Oregonian, Dec 15 2021 Policymakers for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on Thursday voted 3-1 to adopt a controversial Climate Protection Plan that would eventually have far-reaching impacts on every resident of the state. Depending on who’s describing it, the plan is either an unachievable economic debacle in the making or a long overdue and measured […]