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Flick the switch

Letter to Editor – Louise Shawkat,  June 8, 2021, Ashland Daily Tidings Flick the switch Electrifying one’s home is not just flicking a switch. Why electrify in the first place? If new construction includes fossil fuel systems no one will achieve the climate goal: reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Rocky Mountain Institute conducted a study analyzing […]

Op-Ed: The complex link between population decline and a warming planet

Jade Sasser, Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2021 It’s time to stop blaming overpopulation for our environmental woes and start looking at the factors that really matter — resource consumption and toxic exposure as population growth and fertility rates show downward trends. U.S. and global populations are both growing at slower rates. In the period between July 2019 […]

Drought is ravaging the West

Henry Fountain, The U.S. Drought Monitor produces a map of the United States every Thursday that shows drought-stricken areas in various colors, and recent ones have been alarming. Not only is almost the entire Western half of the country in one shade or another, indicating some level of drought, about half of the West is colored red […]

The plastics within

Letter to Editor by Bruce Bauer,  May 10, 2021 Plastics are everywhere: on top of Mount Everest ,in the Antarctic and inside 98% of humans. You might feel fine, but someday you might not, and who knows if plastics cause cancer or heart disease. I don’t know how doctors test for this pollution problem. Do […]

Is it better to be late than never?

Letter to Editor by Louise Shawkat, April 28th 2021 In Europe, when corporations were invented, the purpose was to establish not-for-profit entities to build institutions, such as hospitals and universities, for the public good. By the 17th century, corporations became profit-making entities, so the CEOs fell under pressure to pollute the planet to increase profits […]

We need to electrify

Letter to Editor by Trisha Vigil, May 19, 2021 Anyone living through Oregon’s 2020 fires knows we are in a climate emergency. We all need to understand that the prime cause for this climate crisis is our using fossil fuels: coal, oil and that fossil fuel flying under the benign name “natural gas.” The fossil […]

Don’t believe hydrogen and nuclear hype – they can’t get us to net zero carbon by 2050

Big industry players pushing techno-fixes are ignoring the only realistic solution to the climate crisis: renewables Jonathon Porritt, The Guardian, March 16 2021 Now that the whole world seems to be aligned behind the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the nuclear industry is straining every sinew to present itself as an invaluable ally […]