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The Truth About Hydrogen

Patrick Molloy,  , AUguistLeeAnn Baronett, Rocky Mountain Institute, August 20, 2019Hydrogen is the new kid on the block of low-carbon alternatives, with applications in mobility, industrial processing, and heavy transport. It can also be used to provide electricity and heat, and can be blended with natural gas to help decarbonize existing natural gas grids. But […]

Analysis | The Energy 202: Key House Democrats propose eliminating climate-warming emissions by 2050

Dino Grandoni, Washington Post July 24, 2019 August 22, 2019 – Key House Democrats are proposing a 2050 deadline to eliminate the country’s climate-warming emissions — a goal more ambitious than seen in past proposals from Democratic leadership in Congress but one that still falls short of calls from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and others […]

How Can Frontline Communities Reshape the Climate Adaptation Agenda?

Denise Garcia, The Greenlining Institute August 15 2019 Climate change is here and will continue to impact us all, so California must be ready to adapt. However, not all communities experience the impacts of climate disasters equally. Climate disasters exacerbate the injustices that low-income, disadvantaged populations face, often leaving these communities with worse health impacts, increased […]

2°C: BEYOND THE LIMIT – Extreme climate change has arrived in America

Steven Mufson , Chris Mooney , Juliet Eilperin and John Muyskens, Washington Post, August 13, 2019 LAKE HOPATCONG, N.J. — Before climate change thawed the winters of New Jersey, this lake hosted boisterous wintertime carnivals. As many as 15,000 skaters took part, and automobile owners would drive onto the thick ice. Thousands watched as local hockey clubs battled one another and […]

Washington Post analysis reveals two Oregon counties are among the fastest-warming in the country

Kale Williams, The Oregonian’/Oregon Live August 14, 2019 Since at least 2015, when President Obama signed the Paris Climate Accord, 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit has served as an important threshold. That’s the amount of average global warming scientists agree, if reached or eclipsed by 2100, will likely cause an irreversible cascade of climate change-induced extreme weather […]