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We must stop burning carbon

Letter to Editor by Robert I Price,  Medford Mail Tribune,  April 23 2019 LNG, coal and oil threaten to reset Earth’s geological clock with a vengeance. Today’s natural carbon cycle is not like the carbon sequestering process of the Carboniferous Period that ended 300 million years ago. More  

Meeting our budget

Letter to Editor by Louis Shawkat, Ashland Daily Tidings, 04/23/2019 Scientists can measure Earth’s ecological assets. Yearly, Earth supplies a finite amount of plant-based food, fiber products, livestock, fish products, timber, other forest products and built-up lands. Yearly, Earth is able to absorb a finite amount of greenhouse gas emissions we produce. More

Live within our budget

Letter to Editor,  Louise Shawkat,  Medford Mail Tribune, 04/16/2019 Scientists are able to measure Earth’s ecological assets. Yearly, Earth supplies a finite amount of plant-based food and fiber, livestock and fish, timber and other forest products and built-up lands. And yearly, Earth is able to absorb a finite amount of the greenhouse gas emissions we […]

The Democratic Party Wants to Make Climate Policy Exciting

After years of infighting, the Democrats may finally have found an environmental consensus in the Green New Deal. Robinson Meyer December 5 The Atlantic On Monday, speaking at a town hall led by Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez framed her chosen climate policy—the Green New Deal—through the lens of gallant American exceptionalism. “This is […]

A sneaky war

Letter to Editor by David Lane,  March 27, 2019 Medford Mail Tribune There’s a war going on. It’s a quiet, sneaky war by an invisible enemy that threatens our economy, our environment and our lives. More  


Presentation on HB2020 The Oregon Climate Action Program

  Members of SOCAN’s Government Group and others have been offering and delivering presentations on HB2020 throughout the month.  Here, Alan Journet is offering comments to the Jackson County Democratic Party Central Committee which then voted to endorse HB2020.  A couple of weeks earlier, the Josephine COunty Democratic Party Central Committee also heard a presentation, […]

Climate alternative misses the mark

Guest Opinion, Robert John Sheelen,  Medord Mail Tribune, March 24, 2019 After years of resistance, some Oregon Republicans may be ready to acknowledge the reality that a climate problem exists. An example of this is former Sen. Alan DeBoer’s recent guest opinion here (March 17). It is curious that DeBoer and his fellow Republicans did […]