Washington Post analysis reveals two Oregon counties are among the fastest-warming in the country

Kale Williams, The Oregonian’/Oregon Live August 14, 2019

Since at least 2015, when President Obama signed the Paris Climate Accord, 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit has served as an important threshold.

That’s the amount of average global warming scientists agree, if reached or eclipsed by 2100, will likely cause an irreversible cascade of climate change-induced extreme weather events — including droughts, heat waves and more intense wildfire seasons.

According to a nationwide analysis of weather data by the Washington Post, some places in the continental United States have already passed that threshold. On the newspaper’s heat map of the country, deep red spots fleck the Northeast and along the country’s northern border. A pool of heat encompasses the city of Los Angeles and a huge splotch of warmth sits squarely over the Rocky Mountains.


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