Lorrie Kaplan,  Ashland Daily Tidings, December 29th 2020

Companies have been using words like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” in their marketing since the early 1980s. Calling your products “good for the planet” became so trendy that the term “greenwashing” emerged to alert consumers that some companies were describing their products as “green” when they were anything but.

Similarly, businesses may say that “Black lives matter” and how much they cherish their employees. Are they actually doing anything to back up these statements?

An ongoing survey by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now provides a new resource for businesses to share what they’re doing to be more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. By presenting the responses online, SOCAN’s tool can help guide consumer choices, help businesses identify what more they can do, and provide a progress report for our community.


Lorrie Kaplan Ashand Daily Tidings December 31st 2020

It’s a relief to leave 2020 behind, but lest you fear 2021 will lack drama, remember: it’s time for a new two-year budget for the city of Ashland.

Overlapping and competing priorities abound: economic recovery, evacuation planning, wildfire fuel reduction, social equity and racial justice, affordable housing and social services.

And don’t forget an escalating climate emergency — a root cause of these challenges while also exacerbating them. Everything is connected, and we now have to work urgently to reduce future damage while grappling with the consequences of past inaction.


Lorrie Kaplan, Ashland Daily Tidings, November 19th 2020

Welcome to Spotlight, a new regular Tidings column brought to you by the Ashland Climate Action Project of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now.

ACAP is led by a small team of Ashland residents focused on raising awareness of the Climate and Energy Action Plan adopted by Ashland City Council in 2017. Our shared belief is that by working together, residents, businesses and the city can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increase our resilience to changing climate conditions, and improve our prospects for a livable future.


Letter to Editor by Lee Lull, Medford Mail Tribune,  June 30, 300 Also appearing in Ashland Daily Tidings, 06/23/2020

We hear the term “neoliberalism” bandied about quite a bit these days, but it might surprise you to learn that the original term has nothing to do with being liberal. In fact neoliberalism is diametrically opposed to liberalism and eagerly sacrifices democracy and even life on earth for endless profit.


Letter to Editor by Ken Deveney, Ashland Daily Tidings, June 30 2020

While many from the corporate world deserve congratulations for accepting climate science and acknowledging the need to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, others do not. As 350.org founder Bill McKibben argued: “The political power of the fossil fuel industry has always been the single biggest obstacle to making real progress.”


Earth Day Opinion Column by Stuart Liebowitz (Chair, Douglas County Global  Warming Coalition), Douglas County News & Review,  April  22, 2020

On April 22, 1970, 20 million people came out to celebrate and demand environmental protections for the planet.

The year before, the fire on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River brought awareness to the problem of chemical waste disposal. Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” had already raised alarms on the danger of deadly pesticides. Landmark legislation immediately followed, including the Clean Air and Water Acts and the Endangered Species Act.

The ozone layer is healing, and lead from gasoline no longer poisons our children. Today, the air is cleaner, water is safer and the biological diversity we cherish is protected.

Letter to Editor by Ted Clay,  Medford Mail Tribune,  April 21, 2020, also appearing in Eugene Register Guard,  April 22, 2020

The coronavirus crisis narrows and expands thinking: it demonstrates that major threats can quickly move from “just a theory” to actual catastrophe and reminds us of the threat of global warming and the climate crisis. Just because climate changes slowly, we shouldn’t be lulled to sleep. Many of the words used to attack medical science, such as “hoax” and “alarmist,” echo the language used to dismiss climate science.




Guest Column by Kathy Conway and Alan Journet, Ashland Daily Tidings, March 23rd 2020 and Ashland Community Connection, April 2nd 2020

Climate change has a powerful impact on interactions among humans. As temperatures increase and climate chaos ensues, tensions and conflicts rise.

There exist persuasive arguments suggesting the revolution known as the Arab Spring was driven to some extent by climate chaos compromising wheat production and bread supplies. Tensions created by these shortages and rising prices led to substantial conflict.


Letter to Editor by Kathy Conway, Medford Mail Tribune, April 1, 2020, also appearing in Eugene Register Guard March 30, 2020)

Rural Oregonians with open eyes can see that global warming is happening. We can see the warming temperatures, the reducing snowpack and the increasing risk of wildfire.

When confronted with a proposal to address the underlying cause of this problem, Republicans in the Oregon Legislature chose to walk out and sacrifice the livelihoods of rural Oregonians rather than vote either on that proposal or an array of other proposals serving Oregonians.


Letter to Editor by Hogan Sherrow,  Medford Mail Tribune, March 16, 2020, also appearing in Ashland Daily Tidings, March 13th

On March 10, Gov. Kate Brown held true to her word and delivered the climate action that she promised Oregon’s citizens.

Executive Order 20-04 is a direct response to the climate emergency, and provides the foundation for a future all Oregonians need.