Tony Schick and Rob Davis,  June 8, 2021, OPB The Oregon House voted Tuesday to cut the Oregon Forest Resources Institute’s budget by two-thirds and redirect the money to the type of climate science it tried to undermine, delivering a sharp rebuke to a tax-funded agency that a news investigation showed had attacked scientists and […]

Letter to Editor – Louise Shawkat,  June 8, 2021, Ashland Daily Tidings Flick the switch Electrifying one’s home is not just flicking a switch. Why electrify in the first place? If new construction includes fossil fuel systems no one will achieve the climate goal: reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Rocky Mountain Institute conducted a study analyzing […]

Jade Sasser, Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2021 It’s time to stop blaming overpopulation for our environmental woes and start looking at the factors that really matter — resource consumption and toxic exposure as population growth and fertility rates show downward trends. U.S. and global populations are both growing at slower rates. In the period between July 2019 […]