Nick Cunningham, DeSmog Blog, April 12, 2021 Preliminary data shows that methane emissions jumped in 2020 by the largest amount since systematic record-keeping began decades ago. And despite a dip in polluting activities due to the pandemic, concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose to its highest level in 3.6 million years. The National […]

Alan Journet, Co-facilitator of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, April 11, 2021 For years, natural gas industry corporations and organization have been promoting the claim that Fossil (Natural) Gas is ‘the clean fossil fuel.’  This scam has been so effectively waged that this fossil fuel is still allowed by building codes in most places for […]

Letter to Editor by Alan Journet.  Medford Mail Tribune,  April 09, 2021 Rural Oregonians know we are experiencing warming, reducing snowpack, plus increasing summer drought and consequent fire risk. We also know that global warming caused by human-induced greenhouse gas emissions is driving this trend.  Years of efforts to establish a statewide program to reduce […]