Lorrie Kaplan Ashalnd Daily Tidings, January 15, 2021 Switching from fossil fuels to electric transportation is starting to reap tangible rewards for Ashland, thanks to the city’s participation in the Oregon Clean Fuels Program managed by Stu Green, city of Ashland climate and energy analyst. Launched in 2016, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean […]

Lorrie Kaplan,  Ashland Daily Tidings, December 29th 2020 Companies have been using words like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” in their marketing since the early 1980s. Calling your products “good for the planet” became so trendy that the term “greenwashing” emerged to alert consumers that some companies were describing their products as “green” when they were anything […]

Lorrie Kaplan Ashand Daily Tidings December 31st 2020 It’s a relief to leave 2020 behind, but lest you fear 2021 will lack drama, remember: it’s time for a new two-year budget for the city of Ashland. Overlapping and competing priorities abound: economic recovery, evacuation planning, wildfire fuel reduction, social equity and racial justice, affordable housing […]