Guest Column by Alan Journet, Medford Mail Tribune, May 19th 2019 Most Americans think clean energy is preferable to fossil fuel sources, want a planet that can support life as we know it through their children’s lives, and appreciate a growing economy with reduced health care costs and good-paying jobs. These are the principles that […]

Guest Column By Representative Pam Marsh (HD 5) and Senator Jeff Golden (SD 3) If you hike, farm, hunt, ski, or just observe the world around you, the shifts we are experiencing in Southern Oregon’s historical weather patterns are as clear as day. The obvious changes include shrinking snow packs, frequent and sustained drought, more […]

Tom Saydah Letter to Editor, Ashland Daily Tidings, May 1 2019 We all get Amber Alerts on our cellphones, and on a dime we would pull off the road and call in a vehicle sighting. More