The struggle to save the planet At this point, we all know that climate change is happening (or at least most of us do). But do we really know what it will mean to live on a planet transformed by it? We know the seas will rise, but have we truly reckoned with the fact […]

Despite the political smokescreen, scientists are in no doubt that global heating has contributed to Australia’s fire emergency As Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season continues to unfold, competing arguments have been made about the principal causes of the human and environmental tragedy – particularly around the role of climate change. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has acknowledged that […]

Dirk Vanderhart January 13th 2020 OPB A climate change bill that promises to dominate this year’s 2020 Oregon legislative session got its first public hearing Monday — with little sign that the political and cultural disagreements that scuttled a similar proposal last year have meaningfully changed in the last six months. The bill to implement a so-called cap and […]