November 18th was the first day of a week of Legislative Days in Salem where legislators are in the Capitol and when – among other legislative duties legislators are available for constituents to visit and express  concerns.   In the arena of climate legislation, Representative Pam Marsh and Senator Jeff Golden are both genuine champions urging […]

November 2019 Reminder Notes 1 – Legislative Days at the Capitol in Salem (Monday November 18th, 2019) We have been absent from the Capitol building for several months.  Meanwhile, Timber Unity, Industry, and our well-oiled opponents and their lobbyists have been inundating legislators in the Capitol with their ongoing campaign of lies and misinformation.  On […]

NGOs report fourfold increases in investments in carbon-reducing projects in developing countries Sandra Laville, November 8, 2019, The Guardian Growing concern about the climate crisis and the “Greta Thunberg effect” are driving huge increases in individuals and businesses choosing to offset their emissions by investing in carbon-reducing projects in developing countries. NGOs and organisations involved […]