Thoughts on the connection by Alan Journet While there seems to be little evidence of a direct link between climate trends and the COVID 19 pandemic, we can see some connections and messages. This is because, unlike other viruses transmitted by cold-blooded (ectothermic) organisms like insects or ticks, which undergo range expansion with global warming, […]

Guest Column by Kathy Conway and Alan Journet, Ashland Daily Tidings, March 23rd 2020 and Ashland Community Connection, April 2nd 2020 Climate change has a powerful impact on interactions among humans. As temperatures increase and climate chaos ensues, tensions and conflicts rise. There exist persuasive arguments suggesting the revolution known as the Arab Spring was […]

Letter to Editor by Kathy Conway, Medford Mail Tribune, April 1, 2020, also appearing in Eugene Register Guard March 30, 2020) Rural Oregonians with open eyes can see that global warming is happening. We can see the warming temperatures, the reducing snowpack and the increasing risk of wildfire. When confronted with a proposal to address […]