Oregon Begins Rewriting Landmark Climate Program Derailed By Gas Lawsuit

During the next year, the Department of Environmental Quality will work on a new program to limit climate emissions and help vulnerable communities

Alex Baumhardt, March 7, 2024 Oregon Capital Chronicle

State environmental regulators are working on rewriting a greenhouse gas reduction program stymied by a gas company lawsuit.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality announced Monday it would restart the process for creating a new Climate Protection Program, which was approved three years ago to confront the growing threat of climate change. The program – requiring fossil fuel companies operating in the state to gradually reduce their greenhouse emissions 50% by 2035 and 90% by 2050 – was invalidated by the state’s second highest court in December in a lawsuit over required disclosures.

The committee in charge of remaking the program will hold its first public meeting April 2, and two others on May 14 and June 25. The Environmental Quality Department will seek to re-establish a program of “similar scope and ambition,” according to a Monday news release.

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