SOCAN Master Climate Protector Graduate Gathering

Alan Journet, March 19th 2024

On Saturday morning, March 16th, some 20 graduates of SOCAN’s Master Climate Protector – A Primer for Action course, met at the Talent Public Library. Accompanied by an amazing array of snacks, the graduates engaged in a conversation in the round as they shared what they have been doing to address the climate crisis since completing the course. Graduates from most of the 8 delivered courses offered since 2017 were present.

As cofacilitator Alan Journet noted in introducing the program, when the course was initiated, it was the organizers’ hope that it would provide a cadre of informed Southern Oregonians ready and able to engage in climate activism. This has turned out very much to be the case as evidenced by participant contributions. While many attendees have participated actively in the work of local SOCAN Climate Action Teams in Ashland, Medford, Jacksonville, or Grants Pass, others have been actively engaged in science research and educational activities.

As cofacilitator Kathy Conway acknowledged in closing the meeting, the list of activities in which participants have been engaged is impressive, especially noteworthy being those activities about which SOCAN leadership knew little or nothing.

During the program, Kathy noted that the Master Climate Protector course is undergoing a transition to become ‘Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley,’ a three-credit course available to students at SOU offered in the catalog of the Environmental Science, Policy and Sustainability Department.  Open to students for credit, the course will still be available to community members at no  (for those over 65) or little charge.  Anyone interested should visit the course page at: Living with Climate Change in the Rogue Valley.



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