Jordan Cove Pipeline

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Environmental Impact Study (EIS) updated timeline

Due to the Trump Government Shutdown, The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has adjusted its review schedule to the following.

Draft EIS from FERC – March 2019 (i.e. soon)

Comment Period duration unclear – but Final EIS will be out on October 11th, so the comment period could not extend until the end of September (probably early to mid-September)

Final EIS will be issued October 11 2019

Comment Period:

Final Determination January 9, 2020



Letter to Editor by David Sours, The Applegater, December 2018

Avista Utilities notifies customers that a pipeline rupture in British Columbia might result in a shortage to residences and businesses in southern Oregon. They ask us to conserve natural gas. Is that all? No! In Prince George, BC, the First Nation evacuates its community due to the massive blaze caused by this rupture.


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