More than Half of World’s Largest Companies’ Net Zero Pledges Are False Promises, Study Finds

An InfluenceMap analysis finds many corporate climate vows do not match companies’ actual lobbying around climate-related policies.

Dana Drugmand DeSmog Blog,

Companies’ climate commitments are largely misaligned with their lobbying activities, with more than half of the world’s largest corporations at risk of “net zero greenwashing,” according to a new report.

An analysis of nearly 300 of the top companies from the Forbes 2000 list found that 58 percent  did not match their climate policy influencing actions with their public claims of being committed to the Paris Climate Accord and achieving net zero emissions.

Net Zero Greenwash: The Gap Between Corporate Commitments and Their Policy Engagement,” assessed companies’ lobbying against their net zero pledges. It determined that a company is at risk of greenwashing if it has announced a net zero or similar target, but is not sufficiently supportive of policies needed to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives, based on the LobbyMap platform that tracks corporate engagement on climate policy.


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