2021: A Tipping Point Year?

Brian Stewart, Electrify Now

As 2021 comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect on all that has been accomplished this past year in our efforts to create a clean energy future. Along the way, we may be have been disappointed that not enough was achieved or frustrated at how long it takes to make progress, but this past year has been momentous in many ways.

I invite you to remember how you were feeling a year ago at this time, after what seemed like 4 years of drama and environmental rollbacks. Then check out our highlights below of major wins that have piled up this year and ask yourself how you are feeling today.

I hope you feel encouraged that it is possible to make headway against these huge challenges, and that all our individual efforts can add up to something bigger, and that momentum is building around clean energy solutions.

Happy Holidays!

Check out the recording of our webinar – 2021: A Tipping Point Year? to hear our roundup of major clean energy accomplishments for the year with Nora Apter from Oregon Environmental Council, and Meredith Connolly from Climate Solutions.


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