SOCAN at Medford Womens March January 20, 2018


SOCAN marched and promoted Clean Energy Jobs at the Womens March in Medford on January 20, 2018

SOCAN proudly sponsored and joined the thousands marching and rallying in Medford on January 20th to promote resistance against the racism, sexism, social and environmental injustice, anti-science, and worship of ignorance displayed by the current Administration in DC.  We also promoted Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill.



Nick Morgan, Medford Mail Tribune, January 20th 2018

A crowd spanning generations and genders filled Medford parks Saturday, joining in a national demonstration of discontent over the country’s — and its leaders’ — direction.

For the thousands marching through downtown Medford in the second annual Southern Oregon Women’s March, Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit “You Don’t Own Me” became a rallying cry as the crowd packed Pear Blossom Park and spilled over nearby.


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