SOCAN BOARD Statement on the death of George Floyd

The SOCAN Board approved the following statement:

The Board of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now wish to express solidarity with the Black Community of Minneapolis and the nation, and indeed, with all justice-loving Americans across the United States, in our abhorrence at the obscene murder of an unarmed Black American on the streets of Minneapolis by four police officers.
We care because we know that racism is a deeply entrenched systemic injustice visited upon minorities and peoples of color across the nation and the planet in relation to almost all environmental issues and climate change as well.   In terms of the series of crises we face as a nation that include coronavirus, climate, and racism, we recognize the fundamental principle that our success depends on how well we address these issues for the most vulnerable among us:  we are all in this together.  As we work to address the problem of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions and the climate change that it induces, SOCAN acknowledges and commits to countering and addressing social injustice.
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