SOCAN Collaborates with Unite Oregon on EPA Grant

Alan Journet, SOCAN Cofacilitator

From our establishment, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now has maintained a focus relying on climate science as the basis for guiding our engagement and recommendations on proposed legislation, our educational activities and our positions regarding individual and collective solutions. Over the years, we have also become increasingly committed to incorporating climate justice into our considerations of how best to address the climate crisis.

We were, therefore, very pleased to be invited by Unite Oregon to support and join them in developing an EPA Grant Application to:”…1) Strengthen the capacity of community leaders in Central Oregon and the Rogue Valley to organize around climate justice, and take action on policies and other systemic inequities affecting their communities; 2) Create two Community Resilience Hubs so communities with limited English proficiency, immigrants, rural Oregonians, and people of color have the same access to disaster response assistance from government, the private sector, and their neighbors; and 3) Reduce home energy costs by increasing rural and tribal community access to residential home energy efficiency incentives from federal, state, and utility sources.”

As collaborators on this project, our commitment was to: “….to develop and offer workshops that will help Oregonians understand the nature of the climate crisis as it affects their region of the state, and what we can do both to mitigate our contributions to the problem, and to help ourselves adapt to those consequences that are inevitable.” These will be scheduled in collaboration with Unite Oregon. Our component was offered in return for a contract of $10,000.

Other collaborating organizations listed on the grant application were: Coalition of Communities of Color (CBO); City of Bend (local government); Warm Springs Community Action Team (CBO); Earth Advantage (non-profit); and Midstate Electric Co-Op (rural electric cooperative)…. ”

We were pleased to learn this week that the grant has been awarded thus allowing our collaborations to move forward.

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