OLCV Environmental Scorecard for Oregon Legislators during the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session

Notes by Alan Journet

Using selected critical issues as their guide, the National League of Conservation Voters publishes a session scorecard reflecting the environmental sensitivity of federal legislators. Their latest report covers the session ending in 2022.  The Oregon League of Conservation Voters performs a parallel task for Oregon legislators.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters’ Legislator Scorecard for the 2023 session is available.  Senator Jeff Golden received an Honor Roll mention for being one of 4 legislators scoring 100%.  Meanwhile, Rep Pam Marsh, as chair of the House Committee on Climate, Energy and Environment collaborated with Senator Kate Lieber, formerly chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Environment to champion the Resilient, Efficient Buildings package to passage. They earned the Dynamic Duo Award.
Our local legislators scored as follows:
Senator David Brock Smith (SD1) Lifetime 24% 2023 6%
Senator Jeff Golden (SD3) Lifetime 99%, 2023 100%
Senator Art Robinson (SD4) Lifetime 10%, 2023 8%
Senator  Dennis Linthicum (SD28) Lifetime 0%,   2023 0%
Representative Court Boice (HD1) Lifetime 0%, 2023 0%
Representative Lili Morgan (HD3) Lifetime 6%, 2023 0%
Representative Christine Goodwin (HD4) Lifetime 13%, 2023 0%
Representative Pam Marsh (HD5) Lifetime 95% 2023 81%
Representative Kim Wallan (HD6) Lifetime 7% 2023 0%
Representative Werner Reschke (HD55) Lifetime 3%, 2023  0%
Representative Emily Mcintyre (HD56) Lifetime 0%  2023 0%
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