Once again Michael Moore stirs the environmental pot – but conservationists turn up the heat on him

I’m not sure we should be promoting this in any way….not even for the purpose of debunking it, since every hit on the You-tube promotes it.

In my judgment, Michael Moore has potentially done his credibility more  damage in this film than all the good he has done in previous films. For a ‘progressive’ to produce a film that the fossil fuel industry loves and touts is message enough itself.

Author unclear; maybe Graham Readfern – The Guardian, May 2nd 2020

Planet of the Humans is an environmental documentary that has enraged renewable energy experts and environmentalists, with some calling for its high-profile executive producer, Michael Moore, to apologise.

It was released for free less than two weeks ago, and at the time of writing had had close to 5m views on YouTube.

Across its 102 minutes, the film’s producer and narrator, Jeff Gibbs, weaves a disjointed narrative that renewable energy is just as bad as fossil fuels, high-profile environmentalists are corrupted by capitalism and population growth is the great unspoken enemy.


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