Fire-resistant, low-flammable plants are best options to help create fire smart landscaping for your yard

Fragaria vesca

Janet Eastman, The Oregonian/Oregon Live, March 31, 2022

Garden centers and nurseries are bursting with plants that are drought tolerant, pollinator friendly and deer resistant. They also have ground covers, shrubs and trees that are less likely to fuel a fire if kept healthy and growing far enough from flammable structures.

No plant is fireproof, but many are difficult to ignite. What should be growing in your yard?

Charisse Sydoriak, a wildfire mitigation specialist profiled in The Oregonian/OregonLive’s ”Prepare your yard for wildfire season” story, created the Plant List Generator, a downloadable database of fire-wise plants.

The work-in-progress database includes recommended plants assigned to specific home ignition zones, from adjacent to a dwelling to 10 to 30 feet away and beyond.


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