Reducing Fossil Fuel Emissions in Ashland

SOCAN Comments to the Ashland Climate and Environment Policy Advisory Committee
October 2023

Summary Statement

The evidence seems clear and unequivocal that for individuals and communities wishing to protect their personal health or the health of the planet, methane (natural) gas is not a reasonable 21st century choice for providing buildings with energy. The dire suicidal trajectory we are currently following can be averted, but only with concerted individual and collective action. We have choices when considering our personal health and addressing the existential threat posed by the climate crisis. Among these choices, promoting the ongoing inclusion of methane gas in new residential construction seems strongly contra-indicated. For the reasons argued here, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now supports Ashland Youth in their effort to promote actualization of the Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan Buildings and Energy Strategy BE-1-2. Promote switching to low and non-carbon fuels. and BE-2-1. Expand participation in energy efficiency programs & promote climate-friendly building/construction (CEAP undated).

What is the Justification for the Summary Statement

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN – was established in 2012 as the first grassroots climate activist organization in Southern Oregon. Since then, we have been joined by several other climate organizations each promoting climate action in their own way. We applaud the Youth team from Rogue Climate for their effort to establish methane (natural) gas-free homes in the city of Ashland and stress the urgency of doing this immediately.

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