OUR VIEW: Climate change letters spark evolution in Times’ policy

Editorial; RV-Times, December 7th 2023

As we have written from time to time, the first year of a new local news organization is a fluid process — and since the launch of the Rogue Valley Times, no section of this ‘new’spaper has evolved more consistently than this Opinion page.

From the beginning, we have wanted to have an open-door policy when it comes to engaging with the public and hoping to stimulate discussion. It would be foolish of us, for instance, to believe that in an area as politically diverse as Jackson County, that we would not receive Letters to the Editor and Guest Columns representing opposing opinions on local, state and regional issues.

We have stated previously that our Opinion page is not open for business on national politics, but that submissions on national issues that have a local or regional connection would be considered for publication.

Which brings us to one issue in particular where lines of demarcation have long been clearly drawn.

Climate change denial.


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