Oregon’s climate change regulations ruled ‘invalid’ in case brought by gas utilities

Editorial Comment: Actions like this by the Oregon utilities, the Oregon Business & Industry, the Oregon Farm Bureau, the Oregon Forest and Industries Council, and the Alliance of Western Energy Consumers  substantially undermine their individual and collective credibility as organizations with a social conscience. – Alan Journet

By Alex Baumhardt, Oregon Capital Chronicle

Oregon’s second-highest court ruled in favor of natural gas utilities seeking to invalidate the state’s landmark climate program.

The state’s Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the three-year-old Climate Protection Program is invalid on a technicality. Judges James Egan and Jacqueline Kamins said that the state’s Environmental Quality Commission did not fully comply with disclosure requirements in 2021 when it voted to create emissions rules that exceed federal rules and affect entities holding industrial air pollution permits under the federal Clean Air Act.

“As a result, we conclude that the CPP rules are invalid,” the judges wrote in a 21-page opinion.


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