GUEST COLUMN: The climate ‘game’ we’re forced to play

Pepper Trail, RV-Times, April 16th 2024

Let’s play a game. It’s the climate-change game that every living thing on Earth has no choice but to play, starting … NOW.

The game is called Adapt/Move/Die, and rules are self-explanatory — they’re right there in the name. The object of the game, of course, is not to die. And the winners — well, the winners get to keep playing the game. Forever.

But wait, what about Solve? Isn’t solving the climate crisis an option? Yes, of course, and an absolutely essential one. But even if humanity somehow manages to rapidly phase out fossil fuels, the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere are higher than at any time in hundreds of thousands of years. The effects on climate will continue to unfold for centuries.


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