New Study Decodes ExxonMobil’s ‘Modern’ Climate Misinformation

Where it’s no longer credible to deny climate change, the fossil fuel giant puts the focus on ‘risk’ and blame on consumers, in echo of tobacco industry PR, researchers find.
Sharon Kelly DeSmog International May 14, 2021
The fossil fuel industry is still promoting lies about reality, climate science, and the harmlessness of their product. Locally, in promoting the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas export facility, Pembina has claimed that natural gas is a clean0burning fossil fuel while Avista is now making the same claim about its product. Of course, the gas companies ignore the leakage of methane that negates the combustion benefit.
Meanwhile Exxon-Mobil is obfuscating nationally:

What’s the single word that fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil’s flagship environmental reports to investors and the public tie most closely to climate change and global warming?

According to newly published research from Harvard science historian Naomi Oreskes and Harvard research associate Geoffrey Supran, it’s a simple four-letter word, one that carries overtones not only of danger, but also — crucially — of uncertainty: risk.


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