Integrating transit, equity, housing and climate solutions

By Lorrie Kaplan

In one of the most iconic and inspirational moments in U.S. history, Rosa Parks protested segregation by refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in December 1955.

Parks’ arrest triggered a massive year-long boycott of the Montgomery bus system in which an estimated 40,000 residents participated. The U.S. Supreme Court finally ruled that the city’s segregation laws were unconstitutional, bringing an end to both the boycott and the deep wound of legalized segregation.

Lorrie Kaplan

More than 65 years later, the campaign for equity continues in transportation, housing and virtually every aspect of society. To highlight this intersection, Rosa Parks’s birthday, Feb. 4, has been designated Transit Equity Day across the U.S.

In recognition, an image of Rosa Parks is riding in the front seats of all Rogue Valley Transportation District buses for the next week.

“RVTD is committed to providing an equitable and accessible transit system for all members of our community,” said RVTD General Manager Julie Brown. “It’s an honor to recognize and commemorate the bravery of Rosa Parks and all who fought for freedom and equality.”

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