Ashland’s ‘Climate Friendly Neighborhood’ focus falls on Croman Mill, railroad properties

State mandating encouragement of walkable areas to lessen reliance on carbon-consuming transportation

Craig Breon, Ashland.News, April 13 2023

The state of Oregon is nowhere near meeting ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals set more than a decade ago, making implementing “Climate Friendly Areas” more urgent than ever, local government officials told dozens of area residents gathered Thursday night in Talent’s Community Center.

More than 30 people showed up for a first glimpse at the Climate Friendly Areas (CFAs) proposed for the southern Rogue Valley. Like England’s more snappily named “15 Minute Cities” (walk or bike to what you need in 15 minutes or less), Climate Friendly Areas are meant to be spaces where higher density homes, businesses, shops, and services come together with green spaces and pedestrian-friendly connections to create a community easily accessible to walking, biking, and public transit. More milk runs by bike and office workers stepping out for a local lunch means fewer cars and emissions and, theoretically, happier humans.


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