Compiled by Ken Deveney

     1. Breathe deeply and slowly, 3 to 10 minutes.
     2. Find something that makes you laugh.
     3. Smile, even if it’s fake.  The brain notices the muscles.  The smile usually turns real.
     4. Meditate.  It’s found to have wonderful outcomes, but this is a long-term practice.
     5. Think about what you’re grateful for.
     6. Take a bath.  (Don’t read the newspaper.)
     7. Relaxing activity, for example, read aloud to someone, try a coloring book.
     8. Write.  Just write whatever’s on top;  anything you need to get out.
     9. Talk to someone who will just listen.  Whatever’s on top;  anything you need to get out.
    10. Groan.  Loudly and with energy, 5 times.
    11. Stretch – shoulder rolls;  neck;  arms
    12. Have a good cry, especially with someone there who will just be there.
    13. Sing.
    14. Yoga.
    15. Walk, especially outside, especially in nature.
    16. Dance.
    17. Get enough sleep.  Don’t eat before bedtime, no TV, newspaper, or computer.
    18. Take action against what’s bothering you.  You can plan it with your listener.
    19. Keep up your social connections;  nurture your relationships.
    20. Do something for someone else.