SOCAN’s Candidate Forum for the 2024 Election Cycle

Updated July 8, 2024

Since our establishment in 2012, starting in 2014, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now has developed and offered candidates and constituents an opportunity to share views on climate and environment issues.  The 2024 election cycle is no exception. We have invited all candidates for the current Jackson County Board of Commissioners race, Oregon House Districts 4, 5, 6, and 56 plus Oregon Senate District 2 and Federal Congressional District 2 to the forum scheduled for Tuesday October 8th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Medford Public Library (205 S. Central Avenue, Medford). This forum will be followed by an optional 30-minute meet and greet during which candidates and voters will have a chance to continue discussion.

Questions from the audience on the topic can be submitted ahead of time to or submitted on 4 * 6 cards provided at the library.  Audience questions will be vetted by forum committee members for relevance to the topic, repetition and clarity.

The forum will comprise:

A 2-minute per candidate opening statement,

A 2-minute per candidate answer to a SOCAN forum committee question (provided ahead of time),

A 1.5-minute per candidate answer to questions from the audience on the above topic,

A 1.5-minute closing statement.

The forum will be moderated by SOCAN Executive Director, Daniel Scotton (Daniel@socan,eco).

For more information contact SOCAN Forum Committee 2024 Facilitator, Alan Journet (