The Water Smart Generation:  Love Your Water – Use It Wisely

Presentation by Julie Smitherman, Water Resources Coordinator, Medford Water Commission (May 25, 2021)

Action Items

  • Fix leaks!
  • Plug up drip emitters that are not watering plants.
  • Schedule a sprinkler evaluation – Medford, Ashland
  • Do not water everyday – Water deeply every other day.
  • Lower the pressure – Too much pressure on sprinklers can use more water than needed.
  • Water some areas by hand or by manual function instead of using the automatic system.
  • Catch excess water in a bucket.
  • Use graywater for trees.
  • Use a soil moisture meter- test to see if there is still enough moisture left in the soil.
  • Dry spots – add another emitter or fix sprinkler – don’t run entire system longer.
  • Remove lawn and plant climate appropriate plants.
  • Make regular adjustments to sprinklers.
  • Amend Soil – retains moisture and reduces evaporation.
  • Mulch with groundcover or compost – make sure you are also being firewise!
  • Read your meter – determine how much water used when doing certain tasks.
  • Support upgrades to water system supply infrastructure to improve efficiency and resiliency long-term.
  • Make changes to landscaping and irrigation practices.
  • Upgrade indoor fixtures and appliances.
  • Change perspective – How much water do we really need?
  • Less water use– reduces carbon footprint at home and utility.
  • Use less water without diminishing quality of life – It can be done!
  • Understand the water system – Value your water – LOVE YOUR WATER



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