Voices of the Valley Documentary

Lanita Witt and Suzanne Willow being interviewed by Steve Dieffenbacher, video by Shannon Cornish with assistant Teddie Hight

Project Description

This documentary of interviews with community members from Southern Oregon was collectively created in 2017 by the team of Steve Dieffenbacher, Shannon Cornish, Teddie Hight, and Kathy Conway, with video and audio editing by Jereme Dittmer and Arlis Duncan. Project Leader was Liz Olson. The full length documentary runs 68 minutes, or it can be viewed as individual interviews.

Featured Interviews with:

  • Dr. James Shames, Medical Director Jackson County Health Dept
  • Dan Bish, Plant Oregon
  • Nicoletta Dinelli, youth environmental activist
  • Juan and Juan Jr. Escareño and Maricela Ruelas, farm workers
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Claudia Alick, Alison Carey)
  • Jennifer Craugh (Teacher) & Amelia O’Skea (student), Ashland Middle School
  • Sarah Spansail, mother
  • Dr. Lanita Witt and Suzanne Willow, Willow-Witt Ranch
  • Dan Wahpepah, Red Earth Descendants

Links to Segments and Documentary