Greta Thunberg says she will no longer speak at a climate event, accusing a sponsor of greenwashing by investing in companies tied to the fossil fuel industry

  • Greta Thunberg accused a large investment management firm of greenwashing.
  • Thunberg decided not to speak at a book festival as a result.
  • The company released a statement, saying its ties to the fossil fuel industry were insignificant.

Greta Thunberg will no longer appear at a large Scottish book festival this week, saying she does not want to be “associated with events” connected to the fossil fuel industry.

The climate activist was set to appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, starting August 12, for an event called “Greta Thunberg: It’s Not Too Late to Change the World,” but said Friday she would no longer attend, accusing the main sponsor, Baillie Gifford, an investment management firm based in the UK, of “greenwashing.”



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