The Climate 202: Climate deniers kicked out of teachers conference for deceptive comic book

Efforts by the climate science deniers come in various shapes and sizes:

Maxine Joselow, April 11th 2023, The Washington Post

The CO2 Coalition handed out pro-carbon comic books at a teachers convention. They got kicked out.

To science teachers attending a recent convention, the comic book about “Simon the solar-powered cat” seemed unremarkable at first. The story began with Simon, an orange-and-white cat, begging for more food in typical feline fashion.

But on Page 5, the story took this turn: A “friendly scientist” explained that Simon subsisted not on kibble, but on carbon dioxide. The scientist concluded that CO2 was a “miracle molecule” that fueled all life on Earth by helping plants turn sunlight into food. What it didn’t mention? That carbon emissions are causing catastrophic climate change.


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