Ten Climate-Conscious Parents on Talking to Kids about Global Warming

Anna Fahey, January 5th 2017, The Tyee

When my daughter was four-and-a-half, she asked me point blank about climate change.

You’d think I’d be equipped for this conversation. After all, this is what I do for a living! For over a decade, I have studied the communications literature and issued dozens of talking points memos on climate challenges and solutions.

But her question left me speechless.

She had cracked open a heavily guarded vault of emotions. Everything I know and fear — and compartmentalize — about the planet’s prognosis, our broken systems, and fossil fuel politics was tied in a knot in my throat.


In the Featured Image, SOCAN Co-facilitators Kathy Conway and Alan Journet (right in orange SOCAN t-shirts) are seen at an Environmental Education Association of Oregon annual conference workshop.

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