Take Action. Get Involved.

We know we have sound science  and collaborators across the globe, the nation, and the region on our side. However, without your support, we cannot achieve the goals we need to achieve. There are many ways you can get involved – check them out below!

The mission of SOCAN is to:

  • educate about the basic science of climate change, its consequences, and its solutions, and
  • stimulate individual and collective action to help communities prepare for climate change and reduce their impact on it.

We accomplish this in a variety of ways including SOCAN projects where SOCAN volunteers work together (sometimes incorporating non-SOCAN participants).

Each project has a leader whose primary role is to coordinate team activities and participate in the monthly SOCAN Leadership Circle meetings where information about project activities, plans, and needs are shared with other leaders.

This is how you can take action:

Attend Monthly Meetings

SOCAN Monthly meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Medford Public Library.

Take Personal Action

The cumulative impact of millions of painless individual choices can be immense.

Donate to SOCAN

Donate to support SOCAN’s work financially, either in your own name or on behalf of another person.