SOCAN’s Climate in the Classroom visit Ashland High and Middle Schools

Alan Journet and Kathy Conway teaching climate trends in Jim Hartman’s Climate Solutions class

Kathy Conway teaching a segment on local trends and projections during Ashland Middle School’s climate science unit



During the Fall 2018 term, SOCAN’s Climate in the Classroom team visited Ashland High School to deliver presentations on local climate trends and projections in three sections of Jim Hartman’s Climate Solutions class and then delivered fifteen presentations in science classes of Kristina Healy, Jennifer Craugh and Daniel Otte at Ashland Middle School.

Master Climate Protectors Anne and Michael Meiring helped with the group exercises on Day 1 at Ashland Middle School


Alan Journet reviews the basic science of global warming with Ashland Middle School students

Master Climate Protectors Bella Tibbetts (pictured here) and Caroline O’Brien helped on Day 2 with group activities at Ashland Middle School

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