SOCAN Summer Potluck and Arboretum Recognition

The SOCAN monthly meeting on August 29th was held at Mountain Meadows in conjunction with the Mountain Meadows Democrats Plus group.

In introducing the program, SOCAN co-facilitator Alan Journet noted that this represented the fifth anniversary of the program “Our Changing Climate” held on the SOU campus and  coordinated by Ray Seidler which served as the site of conception of SOCAN…to be born, appropriately nameless, a month later in September 2012 at the Medford Public Library

The program began with a recognition for Mountain Meadows resident Rochelle Newman who has been for many years a profound fan of trees.  This led her a couple of years ago to collect over $1,000 which were used to support American Forests in their tree planting efforts.  The result of that effort was a certificate we received recognizing the effort.  Dated Mar ch 23, 2016, it states: “One Thousand One Hundred and Fourteen Trees have been planted on behalf of The Members of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now.”  Thanks to Rochelle, somewhere there is now a SOCAN forest.

Young Giant sequoia in the MM Arboretum Photo Alan Journet

The Arboretum at Mountain Meadows – photo Alan Journet

The focus of the proceedings, however, was to recognize Rochelle for being the driving force behind the establishment of a Mountain Meadows Arboretum, the first step in a plan to turn the MM grounds into a tree-bedecked paradise.  Following the recognition, Ashland Mayor John Stromberg offered a few words in support of the efforts and the ensemble of over 50 guests enjoyed an excellent array of fine foods, accompanied and followed by warm social exchanges and the renewal of acquaintances.

Poet and tree fanatic Rochelle Newman reads a couple of her during the recognition of her Arboretum efforts – Photo Alan Journet

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