SOCAN participates in another SOREEL August Institute

The Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders (SOREEL) annually offer an August Institute for regional teachers engaged in environmental education. It offers resources and ideas for teaching environmental issues.  The 2019 Institute was held the week of August 5th as Ruch Community Outdoor School.  The SOCAN Climate in the Classroom project offered resources during Resource Fair on Monday August 5th with a booth offering curricular materials and ideas visited by 20 – 25 of the teachers present.  Jennifer Craugh from Ashland Middle School joined us to demonstrate the solar ovens she uses in her climate curriculum to demonstrate various aspects of basic physics and the science of global warming.

During the afternoon session (image at left), SOCAN offered a 90 minute session demonstrating some teaching activities that could be incorporated into the classroom to elucidate the basic science of global warming.

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