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What is .eco?

Unlike many other domains, .ECO has a clearly articulated use case – it’s a dedicated extension for organizations, businesses, and products, and individuals who are committed to positive change for the planet. Like SOCAN, many organizations are engaged in important sustainability related work. This makes .ECO  a relevant extension for us.

Who developed .eco?

The new domains ending in .ECO were founded by Jacob Malthouse and Trevor Bowden, two former environmentalists and UNEP staffers. They began building a coalition of environmental support for .eco in 2008 and in partnership with the environmental community, applied for the .eco new web address ending in 2012. Now, .eco has officially launched to world. Even better, .eco is a Certified B Corp based in Vancouver, BC and is the only web address ending that has the support of the environmental community and requires pledged commitment to sustainability. SOCAN is proud to join this new community.

Who is using .eco?

The .eco domain is backed by more than 50 organizations including:

SOCAN - Confronting Climate Change
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