SOCAN Delegation represents Southern Oregon in Day of Climate Action in Salem

The SOCAN delegation encourages Representative Pam Marsh in her efforts as a champion of HB2020. Photo by Nolan Pleše, courtesy of Allen Hallmark

The SOCAN delegation likewise encourages Senator Jeff Golden for his efforts as a champion of HB2020. Photo by Adam Lohman, courtesy if Allen Hallmark

HB2020A Engrossed is the bill that will establish the Oregon Climate Action Program if passed and signed into law by Governor Brown.  It was recommended favorably by the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction and has now been assigned to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means where it will likely be reviewed by the Natural Resources sub-committee.  The proposal is to establish a Greenhouse Gas emissions Cap, Trade and Invest program that will place Oregon on a steep emissions reduction trajectory that represents an update from the voluntary emissions reduction  goals and trajectory established in 2007 which the state is totally failing to meet.

Over 200 Climate concerned Oregonians gathered in Salem to rally on the steps and encourage our representatives to guide the bill across the finish line and onto the Governor’s desk, where it will assuredly receive a signature.  The 2019 session ends on June 30, so there remains but one month for this to achieve success.  Unlike previous sessions, in 2019, climate action has the support of both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate.  However, it still requires a positive vote from a majority of the 60 Representatives in the House and a majority of the 30 Senators.  Fortunately for Southern Oregonians, Rep Pam Marsh (House District 5), and Senator Jeff Golden (Senate District 3) are champions who both served on the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction.  The majority of our delegation were constituents of these legislators  and enjoyed very positive visits.  Regrettably, the same cannot be said of other local legislators from House District 3 and 6 and Senate District 2, who were also visited by smaller delegations.

Nevertheless, we all came away with very optimistic feelings about the future of HB 2020 and are anticipating a great celebration should it reach the Governor’s desk.  Stay tuned for further developments and visit for updates.  We will post celebration information there if/when success is achieved. Anyone interested in helping HB2020 cross the finish line, information is available at the same URL.

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