Alan R.P. Journet Ph.D.
Southern Oregon Climate Action Now
May 15th 2024



I comment on the DEQ RAC meeting regarding the Climate Protection Program as cofacilitator of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, an organization of some 2,000 rural and coastal Oregonians. We judge there is no more serious threat facing humanity than the climate crisis driven by human activities, especially our use of fossil fuels. We seek state action that contributes our state’s fair share to reducing emissions.

We understand that all of us have benefited from the advantages accruing from the use of fossil fuels in liberating us from human labor through the proliferation of machines. The financial benefits have accrued vastly, of course, to those leading and investing in the fossil fuel industry. Now that we understand the costs imposed on us all and all life on the planet from the use of those fossil fuels, it is incumbent upon us to adjust our behavior sufficiently to reverse the emissions trajectory as best we can and thus the problems created by our use of these fuels.

We must all bite the bullet, and both acknowledge our role in generating the problem and our responsibility for reducing the emissions that result from our use of fossil fuels. Undoubtedly, the responsibility falling on fossil fuel corporations is greater than that falling on individuals. It is frustrating to listen to the fossil fuel representatives on the RAC repeatedly argue against rules that would lead to emissions reductions without offering any credible alternative mechanisms for achieving the necessary reductions.

In relation to the revised Climate Protection Program:

I urge that DEQ maintain the integrity and science-basis of the program, and at least retain – if not strengthen – its intermediate and 2050 goals. The program must make up for the loss of timeloss imposed by the legal action undertaken by the coalition of litigants undermining the CPP. Thus, the trajectory must be more rigorous to get Oregon back on track.

I urge maintenance of an effective Community Climate Investment component to the CPP that serves Oregonians, especially through promoting environmental justice.

I oppose allowing fossil fuel utilities to evade the program by incorporating into their resource mix fuels misrepresented as being lower emissions fuels but derived out-of-state.

I urge that the industrial sector should be placed under the cap rather than retained under a Best Available Emissions Reduction protocol since the BAER component perversely allows them to increase emissions while pretending to lower emissions.

I urge that in developing the new CPP, DEQ establish a program that acknowledges that lifecycle emissions resulting from the production, processing and transport/transmission of biofuels means they are not zero emissions fuels. We cannot solve the climate crisis by relying on resources that are falsely defined as zero emissions. We must be smarter than falling for the illusion of zero emissions fuels generated by erroneous legislative decisions.

This effort is not a game; it represents Oregon’s contribution to a necessary life-or-death global campaign. I am very disappointed that despite the claims from some RAC members that they accept the need to reduce emissions, what I am not hearing from the fossil fuel representatives is how to modify the program to allow them to reduce emissions better. Instead, what I am hearing is how they can avoid emissions reductions. If the fossil fuel corporations and their representatives here continue in this vein and are successful, the threat to life as we know it on this planet increases.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan Journet Ph.D.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now
7113 griffin Lane
Jacksonville OR 97530-9342

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