SOCAN Climate in the Classroom Project visits regional schools

ams-kathy-kathy-studentsOne of SOCAN’s prime missions is to provide educational programs for the local Southern Oregon community.  This includes community groups and local schools.  During the last week of October and the first week of November the Climate in the Classroom team visited Ashland Middle School (October 26 and 27) where interactive presentations on the basic science of global warming and local impacts were given in 15 classes with cooperating teachers Kathy Nguyen, Daniel Otte, and Jennifer Craugh.  Then, (November 1st) similar presentations were given at Ruch Community School in the classes of Jennifer Drane and Ryan King.  These Ruch presentations also engaged the students in group discussion of what each of them can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions personally in the areas of Energy, Transportation, or Materials Consumption.  The SOCAN team will be returning to Ruch Community School on January 3rd for a follow-up session focusing on the personal challenge each student was tasked to undertake as they individually try to reduce their emissions contributions.  The January session will also take discussions to the global level and consider the endangered species that each student will have been exploring.

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