SOCAN April Monthly Program reviews the SOCAN’s 2023 Oregon Legislative Priorities

SOCAN’s Government Program took center stage at the April SOCAN General meeting as members of the Federal and State Project team offered a rapid-fire summary of the legislative proposals before the state chambers this session that SOCAN has been following.  This discussion was preceded by a few comments on the legislative procedure (sausage-making process) that results in bills. Following the presentation, attendees were  offered a break-out opportunity to explore bills in ore detail with the presenters.

A summary of the bills that SOCAN is following is available here.  We try to keep this updated.  SOCAN has submitted written testimony on may of these bills and offered oral testimony at several Public Hearings.  Written testimony is posted on the SOCAn blog when submitted.  To read testimony on a bill, just click the search magnifying glass and enter the bill number together with the HB or SB prefix).

The best way to follow bills is through the Oregon Legislative Information Service  (OLIS): Those wishing a brief tutorial visit OLIS and testimony tips.

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