Renewable Energy


“Hydrogen: Useful Tool or Fossil Industry Ruse? Presentation by Ken Dragoon, Renewable Hydrogen Alliance founder and former executive director, now with Obsidian Renewables LLC; (July 26, 2022) [Link to YouTube Video]

Renewable Hydrogen Alliance

Obsidian Renewables, LLC. A small, yet mighty team focused on renewable energy innovation. 

Robert W. Howarth and Mark Z. Jacobson (12 August 2021). “How green is blue hydrogen?” Energy Science & Engineering, Volume 9, Issue 10.

Webinars from Electrify Now Coalition

  • Clean Hydrogen – Blue vs Green Hydrogen and its role in our energy future (1:16:30). Learn about the potential of zero emissions hydrogen, the pitfalls of producing it with fossil gas and why we need this important fuel. Blue hydrogen employs carbon capture and storage technology and has been promoted as a low carbon method for producing hydrogen for multiple industrial applications. Professor Robert Howarth from Cornell University has produced a peer reviewed study of the carbon and methane emissions from this process which indicates that even in the best case it is a very carbon intensive process. Join us to hear about his research and why we blue hydrogen should not be considered an attractive climate solution. We will also hear from Martina Steinkusz from the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance to learn about the latest developments in pilot projects for creating and utilizing green hydrogen which uses renewable electricity and electrolysis to produce hydrogen with very low carbon emissions.
  • Renewable Hydrogen – Renewable energy to clean fuel (1:04:34). Renewable Hydrogen is an exciting technology that could be a critical complement to wind and solar energy generation. The Renewable Hydrogen Alliance helps us explore the role of Hydrogen in our clean energy future. We’ll look at the latest trends in hydrogen production as well as where we might see hydrogen used going forward. From fueling heavy duty trucks and airplanes to energy storage, we’ll highlight hydrogen’s great potential to pair with clean electricity to provide clean power for the 21st century.

Regional Energy Systems

“Can We Improve our Regional Energy System?” Presentation by Shannon Souza, Executive Director,  Oregon Coastal Energy Alliance Network (OCEAN); (February 22, 2022) [Link to YouTube Video]

Oregon Coastal Energy Alliance Network (OCEAN) The Oregon Coast Energy Alliance Network is a cross-cultural community-based organization with the mission to explore the opportunities and challenges of floating offshore wind and other advanced energy technologies.

Actions you can take

Use the new Oregon Dept of Energy Community Renewable Energy Program to plan and develop community renewable plus storage projects.

Install solar and storage at home or on low-income multi-family housing with the assistance of Oregon’s Solar + Storage Grant Program

Links for informational resources covered in Shannon’s presentation:

Rural Community Actions

Oregon East Side Actions

‘Other Side of the Hill’ film