PRESS RELEASE – Siskiyou plant communities October 10, 2022

SOCAN monthly program October 25th: Dr. Susan Harrison, U.C. Davis:

Climate Change and the Natural World: impacts on forest understory plant communities

The climate changes induced by global warming are affecting our natural world in many ways. Dr. Susan Harrison and her team from U.C. Davis have been studying how climate change is influencing the composition of understory plant communities occupying forests along the border between Oregon and California.

The SOCAN October monthly general meeting scheduled for Tuesday October 25th from 6:00 – 7:00pm via ZOOM will feature Dr. Harrison outlining her research on forest understories in the Siskiyous. Harrison will discuss how complex water-temperature interactions and extreme events are impacting individual understory plant species in our dry western forests, including how climate affects post-fire community regeneration.

There is no charge for joining the meeting, but participants must register using the link on the SOCAN calendar event.


PRESS RELEASE – 2022 SOCAN Second Candidate Forum October 10, 2022

SOCAN 2022 Candidate second forum on climate and environment

From fire and smoke, to the regional water shortage, global warming, and toxic emissions undermining our air quality, water quality, to ongoing environmental health challenges abound in Southern Oregon. It is critical that we know how candidates for state and local office approach these issues.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is offering its second candidate forum on the topic of ‘Climate and Environment,’ this one for candidates seeking to represent J

ackson County in the Oregon Legislature (Senate District 3, House Districts 5 & 6). District 56 candidate Jonathan Chenjeri had hoped to join us but will provide written responses to be posted alongside the video of the forum. All candidates in the respective races have been invited to discuss their views on climate and environmental challenges of importance to Jackson County residents.

This forums is scheduled for Tuesday October 18 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at the Medford Public Library. Each will be followed by a 30-minute meet and greet opportunity for attendees to visit individually with candidates. The event will be held at the Medford Public Library, 205 S. Central Avenue and will be moderated by Liz Olson. For updates on the events, please visit and click on the. This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the library.

The forum will be divided into two parts: the first will involve questions posed by the organizing team and provided to candidates two weeks ahead of the event; the second will be devoted to questions submitted by members of the audience as they arrive. These will be previewed by team members to eliminate repetition and select questions on the topic of the forum.

As a 501-c -3 SOCAN cannot endorse candidates. However, we provide these forums in service of our Mission to educate voters on the position of candidates on issues of importance to us.