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Members of SOCAN are available to give presentations on various aspects of climate change

If you are interested in a presentation on any of these, or any other climate change topic of your choice, please contact Alan Journet ( We are happy to make presentations to small and large groups and can tailor a program to serve your needs.

There is no charge – but please consider a small (tax-deductible) donation to SOCAN to support our programs and projects.


Alan Journet

Professor emeritus, Southeast Missouri State University;  SOU/ OLLI Instructor and presenter of short courses on climate change; Co-Facilitator, SOCAN.


  • Rogue Climate Trends and Projections – Making the point that climate change is here and now, this discusses the historic trends of climate in the region and demonstrates that local projections are merely extensions of the current trends.
  • Climate Trends and Projects for Oregon Legislative Districts – Developed from the Oregon Legislative Districts Project, this presentation addresses climate trends and projections for specific Oregon Senate Districts.
  • The Basic Science of Global Warming – This addresses  the mechanism that is understood to be causing the global climate to be changing.
  • The Physical Consequences of Global Warming – This addresses what is happening  and projected to happen around the word as a result of the changing climate.
  • The Biological Consequences of Greenhouse Gas Emnissions – This addresses how the natural world is influenced by the changing climate and the ocean acidification that excess carbon pollution is inducing, and what the future may hold.
  • Climate Change and the U.S. / Pacific Northwest / Oregon /  Rogue Valley – This addresses what is happening locally and what the future likely holds.
  • What we can do individually and collectively to address Climate Change – This addresses the basic causes of the problems we are facing and what steps we might take to address them.
  • What the scientific responses are to the main skeptic claims about climate change – This addresses the main claims proposed by climate change deniers and what the scientific evidence suggests.
  • A Waning Warming:  What’s Up With That?  – This addresses the contrarian argument that we need not be concerned about climate change since there has been little/no warming for 15 years.

Kathy Conway

Professor emerita, Southeast Missouri State University;  Co-Facilitator, SOCAN. 


  • Climate Change: So What Can I Do? That Climate Change poses a serious threat to current and future generations is beyond reasonable doubt. This discussion will explore what we can do individually and collectively to avoid the worst case projected consequences.

Liz Olson

  • Voices of the Valley – a video documentary featuring several Rogue Valley residents discussing how climate change has affected or is affecting their daily lives.

Sample Presentation –  Rogue Valley Climate: Trends & Projections

Rogue Valley Climate Trends and Projections This is a .pdf format because the PowerPoint version is very large. The animation is therefore missing.