Voices of the Valley

Project Description

Voices of the Valley is a narrative multimedia project that provides people from our own Rogue Valley communities, especially the most vulnerable populations, an opportunity to share stories of how extreme weather and climate change is affecting their physical and mental health, their work, and their home life. The project includes a series of mini-documentary interviews that can be viewed as a full documentary (68 minutes) or individually. Additionally there is a series of narrative photo displays, available for exhibition.


Project Leader

For questions or to join this project contact Liz Olson


The goals of this project are two-fold: first, to give an opportunity for people of the Rogue Valley in Oregon the chance to voice their concerns about climate change; secondly, to have their stories raise awareness and make an impact on their fellow citizens in a way that is direct, real and applicable to their own lives.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project serves SOCAN’s Mission of promoting awareness and understanding about the causes and consequences of climate change, as well as motivating concerned citizens to take individual and collective action.

Background Information

People’s personal stories and the use of images are amongst the most potent ways of sharing information, especially when the people represented are known by others in the community. Climate Change can be a difficult subject to talk about for people of all ages. Video and photographic narratives help ease our way into exploring this crisis and its very real impact that is happening now and to people like us.


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