Water Management and Conservation

Project Description

This is an Ad Hoc group available to support water conservation promotion through presentations, seminars and contributions to classroom education. We live in an area where we are already experiencing serious drought and adequate clean water may be a critical resource. We should be practicing water conservation for improved management of this important resource and in anticipation of a worsening crisis.

Project Leader

To join this project contact Eric Dittmer


Conserve water by promoting public awareness about water sources, management and conservation.

  1. Provide information on the value of water in our arid environment and how climate change is affecting regional water supplies.
  2. Explore  inter-relationships among the various water needs such as domestic, agriculture and natural systems to enhance conservation.
  3. Promote water conservation at home by listing various ways to conserve water including use of low-flow devices, improving irrigation practices, adopting low water techniques in landscaping and reusing gray water.
  4. Promote storm water retention and management by cities and at individual residents.
  5. Provide current water resource information and activities via the SOCAN website. 

Connection to SOCAN Mission

Part of addressing the regional implications of climate change is to adapt to the apparent impacts. It logically follows that water conservation is key to addressing the trend toward reduced water resources.

Background Information

The Rogue Basin Watershed has experienced over 4 years of drought conditions with a trend toward decreasing rainfall and lowering snow pack leading to reduced stream flows and irrigation limitations. Past storm water management practices have relied mostly on collecting and piping runoff to natural riparian drainages, especially during winter heavy rainfall. As cities grow, pipes must be enlarged to handle the increased runoff, typically a 50% increase over undeveloped land.


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