SOCAN at Mountain Meadows

Project Description

This group is made up primarily of people who live in the Ashland area, many at Mountain Meadows, and generally focuses on issues related to Ashland. A wide variety of climate change actions are undertaken.

Project Leader

to join this Project contact Kathy Conway


Stimulate actions in the local community to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

Educating others about a variety of aspects of climate change as well as helping others take action are paramount with this group.

Background Information

This group was initiated because a number of concerned citizens living in Ashland find it difficult to attend evening meetings that require driving a distance. This group’s activities were initiated concurrently with SOCAN in September 2012. One of the first projects was collaborating with Ashland City Council to facilitate their passage of the Resolution in Support of Fossil Fuel Divestment. Subsequently, this group has continued to work with Ashland City Council and various commissions to encourage action to address climate change.


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