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Regional and Local

Project Description

A project formed in 2021 through which climate action advocates across Southern Oregon collaborate to learn about, network, and address local actions and issues.

Project Leaders

To join this project contact Flavia Franco or Tom Bradbeer


To reduce the emissions and concentration of greenhouse gas in Southern Oregon  (climate change adaptation and mitigation) by accelerating climate action in our counties, municipalities and unincorporated areas through sharing information and resources and working together.  Our primary activities are:

  1. Regional and Local Government Policy.  Develop policy options and proposals for local government action in southern Oregon, to mitigate, adapt, and build resilience to the impacts and causes of climate change.  State and federal initiatives should be incorporated into such recommendations, including new agency initiatives and grant funding opportunities.  
  2. Community Action. Maintain communications and involvement with individuals and non-profit community climate action organizations in the region in order to facilitate coordinated action in support of climate adaptation and mitigation.
  3. Community and County Research. Develop a regional inventory that documents the current status of climate action in regional communities.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

We will promote awareness and understanding about the science, causes, and consequences, and solutions to climate change in Southern Oregon.  We will work with individuals and organizations in Southern Oregon to advocate for both personal and governmental actions that reduce the emissions and atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases.

Background Information

We anticipate developing resources that can be shared broadly with the climate action community and Southern Oregon residents.


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