Project Description

The purpose of the project is to develop a set of presenters and presentations that can be offered to regional audiences.  It is anticipated that these presentations will be adjusted to suit the interests and understanding of the audience, and be tailored to meet the desired goals and needs of the audience.

Project Leader

To join this project or to request a presentation contact Alan Journet


To present scientifically based information on climate change to promote understanding and awareness of the problem and how we can address it.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

It is anticipated that this project will promote awareness and understanding about the causes and consequences of climate change and motivate individual and collective action through delivery of informed presentations discussing the most currently available science on various aspects of climate change, its causes, consequences, and counters.

Background Information

Delivering presentations on various aspects of climate change is a critically important activity offered by SOCAN. We have developed presentation slide sets that can be shared.

By offering schools, educational institutions, community and service groups informed presentations and programs on Climate Change, SOCAN can promote among area residents: a greater understanding of the basic science of climate change; its causes and consequences, regionally, nationally, and globally; what we can do to address the problem.  Addressing climate change involves both preparing for the consequences that are inevitable and reducing its causes so as to reduce the severity of future impacts.


Link to Resources Page  Includes list of speakers & topics