Oregon State CapitolPhoto Credit - Alan Journet

Oregon Congressional & Legislative Districts

Project Description

One of the most effective ways of communicating the importance of acting to address climate change is to show individuals what is happening in their own backyards.  This project follows that principle by providing Oregonians with a brief summary of what the trends and projections are for their locality – using the state Senate Districts and Congressional Districts as the geographic regional boundaries.

Project Leader 

To join this project contact Alan Journet


The Goal was to produce summaries for each House District. We now plan to produce one parallel summary for each of Oregon’s Federal Congressional House Districts.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project addresses the SOCAN mission statements of promoting awareness and understanding about the consequences of climate change and motivating concerned citizens to take action.

Background Information

Shortly after SOCAN was inaugurated, it occurred to us that a brief summary of climate trends and projections for each region in Oregon could be helpful in communicating the problem and urgency to local residents and representatives. Given this premise, a reasonable way to divide the state seemed to be on the basis of Legislative Districts – a format that could have real meaning for representatives. After offering this suggestion to statewide environmental / climate organizations and receiving positive responses but no interest in assuming responsibility for organizing the project, SOCAN thus engaged student interns from SOU and local willing experts to work with us on developing the summaries and bullet lists.


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