Media Corps

Project Description

The Media Corps Project comprises individuals who are interested in contacting print and broadcast media to promote public awareness about climate change issues and SOCAN activities and projects. This involves such activities as writing letters to the editor (LTEs), feature stories, or opinion columns (op-eds), writing and circulating Press Releases, submitting entries to regional community calendars, and being available for radio and TV interviews on these issues. The benefit of joining the project team is that we can help one another identify items to address, refine drafts for content and clarity, and minimize unnecessary duplication while enhancing coverage of the critical issues.

Project Leader 

To join this project contact Alan Journet


The Goal of the Media Corps is to promote regional awareness of climate change causes, consequences, implications, and solutions throughout Southern Oregon, and similarly promote SOCAN activities and projects throughout the region.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project addresses the Mission of promoting awareness and understanding on climate change, its causes and consequences while motivating individual action to address the problem

Background Information

We are constantly confronted with news or scientific reports on issues related to climate change that gain wide circulation.  Local media frequently carry reports, opinions or letters that address climate change issues, some of which offer anti-science or skeptic opinions and others of which demand a rapid response by way of endorsement or rebuttal. Similarly, activities and events organized by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now or related organizations often can benefit from attention in the local media.


Link to Resources Page

Contains tips on writing letters and guest columns, URLs and/or email addresses for regional target print media with word counts and publication frequencies permitted by newspapers.