Federal and State

Project Description

In order to stimulate appropriate action at the Federal and State levels, SOCAN is committed to reaching out to our elected representatives, their staffs and relevant agencies both to express our concerns about climate change and its consequences, and advocate for or against positions held by these individuals / agencies and proposals that are under discussion. The targets are legislators and administrators, and staff. We serve as a resource for scientific knowledge and expertise on climate change to all legislators and candidates for public office while encouraging legislatures and agencies to take appropriate action to address the problem.

Project Leaders

To join this project contact Alan Journet or Hogan Sherrow


The goal of this project is to stimulate climate sensitive action at the Federal and State levels of government.

Connection to SOCAN Mission

This project is designed to promote awareness and understanding about the need for climate action among elected Federal and State representatives and their staff and encourage collective action to address climate issues. As a result of this engagement, we hope to stimulate action that will promote reducing the severity of climate change by both decreasing the causes of it and by preparing for its inevitable consequences.

Background Information

While we are all individually responsible for doing the best we can do to address climate change through modification of our personal behaviors, the unfortunate reality is that this is a necessary but insufficient approach. Addressing this global crisis will take more than that; it will require the collective action of peoples throughout the world taking steps to curtail the greenhouse gas pollution that is increasing the global temperature and imposing havoc on our weather patterns. This global problem will take global collaboration. Beyond personal and corporate efforts, we want our local, state, and national governments to address climate change in a manner consistent with their authority and responsibility.


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